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I’ve never regretted going into business for myself. It was the biggest risk I’ve ever taken, but I’d do it again given the opportunity.
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Wow! 16 years! Sometimes, it is hard to believe that’s how long Rail Tees’ doors have been open.

When my daughter, Liberty, was born in 2003, I’d already been in the screenprinting industry for 17 years. I told myself that by the time she started kindergarten, I’d be working for myself so I could be with her before and after school. As it went, by the time she was four years old, I was managing someone else’s printshop. Two months out of the year were normal 40 hour weeks. But, the other 10 months out of the year, I’d be working 12 hour days 6-7 days a week.  I’d leave the house before my daughter was awake and get home after she’d already gone to bed. It wasn’t unusual to go an entire week without seeing my daughter awake… and, we lived in the same house. By 2007, I was even more determined to make the dream of owning my own shop a reality.

Rail Tees beginning
Rail Tees beginning

In early 2008 I took out a small loan, bought out a shop in Northern California that had gone out of business, rented a warehouse in Garden City, Idaho, and opened Rail Tees in March. I had lined up one whale of a customer I anticipated would be my bread and butter. But, if you remember the Spring of 2008, you’ll remember what was about to happen. Two months after opening my doors, the stock markets had tanked, the housing bubble had burst, and the economy had taken a nosedive. That one big customer whom I was counting on to sustain me while I got things up and running was no longer spending money on trivial items such as screenprinted garments. I had to scramble to find customers and pay the bills. But, I was determined to do so. That first month was dark, as was the second and the third, and that entire first year. But, I found a way to pay the bills every month and keep the doors open. The fear of having to go back to work for someone else drove me to get through another month and then another month and then another month.

Rail Tees beginning
Rail Tees beginning

I’ve never regretted going into business for myself. It was the biggest risk I’ve ever taken, but I’d do it again given the opportunity. My daughter is 21 now. She got to spend a lot of time at the shop growing up. Most of those times was when she had to stay home sick from school. Instead of staying home, she’d come to the shop with me and rest on the couch while I worked. I was forever grateful to be able to do that for her. It wasn’t something I could have done while working for someone else. I hope she carries those memories with her. I know I will.

Here’s to another 16 years!

Rail Tees beginning

Welcome to Rail Tees!

Located in Boise, Idaho, Rail Tees Custom Screenprinting & Embroidery is not your average print shop. Since 1986, Rail Tees owner & operator David “Rail” Colcord has been providing top notch screen printed & embroidered apparel to a wide range of clients, including businesses, non-profit organizations, churches, schools, bands, restaurants, and anyone else looking for exceptional branded products.

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