Spot Color

Spot color is the most common form of screen printing and uses full-tones of color to create an image. Each color in the image is printed separately, up to 6 colors can be printed using this method on our presses.

Vibrant, Professional Quality Prints

Print on any color garment

Used For: Most standard print of logos, graphics, and text

2-color Spot Color print.
Customer = Verdant Crossfit.
Print Colors = Black + Pantone 2084.
Garment = Bella+Canvas 8803.

4-color Spot Color Print.
Customer = Element Fencing
Print Colors = Black, White, Pantone 1505, Pantone 4025.
Garment = Bella+Canvas 3501CVC.


Halftone screen printing is a technique to create the look of more colors than are actually being printed. Dots of different sizes printed next to each other create the illusion of many different shades.

Print on any color garment.

Used For: Gradients, Background images, Using a Single color to look like it is more than 1 color.

1-color Spot Color w/Halftones.
Customer = German Speed Idaho
Print Color = White.
Garment = Bella+Canvas 3739.

4-color Spot Color w/Halftones.
Customer = Boise Surf
Print Colors = White, Cool Gray 3, Cool Gray 8, Cool Gray 10.
Garment = Next Level 6210.


The 4-Color CMYK screen printing process uses the basic colors Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black in the form of small dots to create a full color image.

Ideal for printing on white garments, but can be used on any color garment.

Used For: Multi-Colored images with many tones of color.

4-color CMYK Print.
Customer = Lounge On Fire
Print Colors = Yellow, Magenta, Cyan, Black
Garment = Next Level 6010.

6-color CMYK Print.
Customer = Charlie’s Produce
Print Colors = Pantone 350, White, Yellow, Magenta, Cyan, Black
Garment = District Made DM132.

Color Blends

Color blends use a single layer screen print with multiple colors to create a ‘rainbow’ effect. Given the nature of the technique, every shirt is slightly different and unique. Can be used on any color garment.

2-color Print with 5-color Blend.
Customer = Treasure Valley Roller Derby
Print Colors = Black, Magenta + Pantone 1655 + Pantone 102 + Pantone 802 + Pantone 3005
Garment = District DT571.

5-color Blend.
Customer = PIVOT
Print Colors = 706LF + 762LF + 791LF + 7146LF + Pantone 211
Garment = Next Level 6210.

DTF Transfer

DTF stands for Direct To Film. This technique involves printing your design directly onto a film and then transferring it to your garment with a heat press. With DTF printing, you can print unlimited full colors, on any kind of fabric whether it be cotton, polyester, or silk. Additionally, DTF can be used to print on both dark and light-colored fabrics.

Full Color DTF Transfer.
Customer = Boise Pride Fest
Garment = Next Level 6210.

2-color DTF Transfer.
Customer = Verdant Crossfit
Garment = Port Authority C936.